For True Coffee Lovers!

Coffee is the common man’s gold. And like gold, it brings to every person the feeling of luxury and nobility. Where coffee is served, there is grace and splendor and friendship and happiness. All cares vanish as the coffee cup is raised to the lips.

The quote above is attributed to Sheikh Abd Al-Kadir, from a 1587 work entitled “In Praise of Coffee” (view more coffee quotes)

You can probably tell right off that this message is not directed to those of you who drink 30 cups of coffee a day (but can’t remember the last one), or those whose favorite coffee starts with F-O-L or M-A-X, or those who mainly drink coffee to “keep me awake so I can finish this paper/work project/assignment”. Nor is it meant for anyone who thinks that “pods” are a good idea – ecologically, or for making good coffee (and remember the evil forces in “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” were called Pod People).

This is for the others, those whose approach to a cup of coffee is first to inhale the rich and rewarding aroma of a good cup. Those who don’t have to start the day with a coffee, but don’t mind if they do. Those who can drink one cup a day, or two, or ten, but only if it’s REALLY GOOD coffee – quality over quantity. Those whose word association with “coffee” is “ahhhh”.

You are the people who understand the rich history of coffee, dating back centuries to the (perhaps mythical) story of Kaldi and the Dancing Goats. The people who will drive miles out of your way to visit a great new coffee shop you have heard about, and whose googling history includes dozens of queries starting with “Where’s the best coffee in…”. The people who understand the health benefits of coffee, and may even be willing to go one step further and argue that coffee drinkers are more successful than other people.

You are the people who have tried many ways to brew the best coffee at home, and are happy to debate those methods (and defend your favorite) with fellow appreciators. You are the ones who include the potential demise of coffee as one of your strongest reasons for solving the climate crisis. Your “gift list” for yourself, or for many of your friends, could include anything shown here.

You may be like me, and have taken the next step towards the best coffee by roasting your own beans at home. By the way, Sweet Maria’s is one of the best sources I’ve found for buying green coffee beans for roasting, and I imagine their pre-roasted coffee is probably pretty darn good too.

If you are one of these people, you know that I could write, and you could read, pages and pages of prose in praise of this magical elixir, the favorite of commoners and kings. But I have a better idea. Go find yourself a great cup of coffee and enjoy the moment!