Podcasts for Creative and Innovative Listeners

Are you PodLearning yet? Podcasting is “trending hot” now, with literally thousands of choices available for you. If you aren’t in on this yet, it’s time to get savvy. Podcasts are most often audio, sometimes video files which can be downloaded and listened to or watched at your leisure. The ability to choose what you want to tune in to, to listen on your own schedule, and to pause and come back to later makes the podcast a very desirable alternative to commercial radio or television, and the low cost of producing a podcast allows most developers to offer them for free – sometimes with a brief “word from our sponsor(s) at the beginning. The options on your iTunes and related I”players” (I use and iPod nano myself), as well as the prevalence of a variety of podcatchers as apps or software for your laptop allows you to download multiple streams, listen to episodes in serial, and keep up to date via feed subscriptions.

People are listening to podcasts when they awaken and are getting ready to start their day, at the gym, jogging, and driving in their cars. My iPod plugs into my car radio (USB) and I use it so often I am probably going to discontinue my satellite radio subscription! It’s great for long trips or commutes in particular.

As you might expect, the majority of the most listened to podcasts fit into the general category of entertainment. One hot entry, Serial, about a murder and subsequent investigation, leaped to the top of the popularity list last fall. It was produced by staff from This American Life, the number two most often accessed podcast. Others include Radiolab, Freakonomics, and the humor/quiz show Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me!

Still, there are many podcasts that are not necessarily chart-toppers, but have solid following, and a lot of these are more educational, instructional, or (dare I say) cerebral. Several of them should be of particular interest to those who are looking to feed their creative side, or energize their innovative spirit. Here, in no particular order, are seven that you should look into. The links below will help you see what is available and decide if you would like to tune in, but to listen you may have to load the podcasts on your ITunes or your Podcatcher. Happy Listening!

Innovation Hub  From Public Radio International (PRI). The “thinkers, researchers, authors and visionaries who are crafting our future.”

The Accidental Creative  Generally featuring interviews with very creative people.

Innovation that Sticks  Particularly geared to those who are interested in how innovation and technology will affect healthcare.

Killer Innovations  Former HP executive Phil McKinney talks about developing prize winning products and technologies.

HBR Ideacast  From the Editors of Harvard Business Review, some of the best information about how business is being reinvented every day.

The Everyday Innovator  “Practices and Ideas for Product Managers, Developers, and Innovators”.

Stanford Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Series  Produced every week throughout the academic year.