Successful grant and proposal writing is a mixture of art and science, and for organizations, requires additional skills as well. You have to not only be a good writer, but also a team leader, researchers, social networker and creative thinker. Many organizations never find the right person for the job!

Innovaision can help you find funding sources for specific programs or initiatives, or services. Additionally, we can design a strategy that will keep your organization up-to-date on emerging opportunities to request or compete for grants, contracts, or awards. We will help you evaluate these funding opportunities, determine their suitability for your needs, and prepare award-winning proposals.

The CEO at Innovaision has been successful in finding and winning millions of dollars of grant funding for new and existing projects over the past two decades. Additional colleagues on our grant and proposal writing team have done similarly well. We find funding from both public and private sources.  Contact us for more information on how you can get the money you need to do the work you love.

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