Innovaision, LLC was founded with a primary purpose of assisting organizations to realize their missions more effectively through the use of technology-based solutions. We can assist you to define and structure an effective social media strategy, use online collaboration tools to accomplish team tasks, or find new ways to deliver services using the Internet and other technologies.

Whether you work in the human services industry, marketing, or almost any other field, it’s somewhat incongruous that we often decry our clients’ efforts to resist change that will make their lives better, while on an organizational level we resist change that will make our services more accessible, more effective, and more efficient. We believe that the same dynamics are at play – fear of the unknown or untried, living in a comfort zone, or even “contempt prior to investigation”.  At Innovaision, we can help you surmount your fears, understand your options, chart your path to effective change, and reach your goals.

Talk to us about initiatives we have developed, and are constantly improving upon, including:

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