Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is a multi-faceted, and often misunderstood concept.  For too many organizations, it entails a rigorous process of developing long-term plans in multiple areas, engaged in every two or three years. The idea seems to be to create an overarching framework for the group’s behavior. The complexity of most strategic plans, as well as the long-view approach, often results in the finished strategic plan being placed reverently in a locked drawer, only to be taken out the NEXT time the strategic planning exercise begins.

Successful organizations have learned that any strategic plan has a few key components:

  • The view to the future horizon is not longer than accurate predictions can be applied
  • All key areas of business action or performance are included, even those that have not yet been initiated
  • Clearly described goals and measurable objectives are written down and serve as a continuous reference and evaluation tool
  • Important data is gathered and evaluated to inform future decisions
  • Segmentation of strategies is essential, with clear understanding of who is responsible for what
  • Interdependent strategies are identified and key individuals insure that goals can be mutually attained
  • Room is made for innovation and creativity
  • Unscheduled changes can be made if circumstances demand this
  • The mission is never forgotten

Your strategic planning process, the length of time you plan for, how much innovation you embrace – these factors and more are personal to each organization. No one size fits all. Innovaision, LLC  is skilled at helping organizations initiate and successfully complete strategic planning processes, and implement the actions needed to make their planning successful. We are also asked to work with clients on “project specific” planning, including the creation and development of strategic solutions to singular challenges. Let us help you plan your organizations future!

Creative Solutions

Let Innovaision, LLC assist your organization to meet chronic challenges with creative solutions. Referring to Innovaision’s  CEO, Dick Dillon, a national treatment expert recently said “There are a few people you know professionally who you can’t wait to talk to, just to hear what new ideas they have come up with. Dick is one of those people.”

We pride ourselves on being able to help analyze situations, and not only help figure out your destination, but show you how to get there (and how to pay for it!). A brief list of some of the creative solutions we have developed over the past several years includes:

  • Treatment Concierge: Creating a position on the team that addresses the outside needs of clients – things as prosaic as getting the gas bill paid, or as complex as rescheduling a court date – so that the inside work of therapy is not disrupted. This idea won a multi-year SAMHSA grant, and was so successful the grant was renewed for a second round.
  • Relapse Prevention Mentoring: An innovative approach to relapse prevention, focusing on practical behavioral skills development, and follow through, to complement therapeutic interventions.
  • Avatar Assisted Therapy: Described more fully elsewhere, this ground-breaking use of gaming technology has caught fire in the past few years, and is assisting many agencies in making treatment accessible, interesting, and effective.

Contact us for an initial consultation to discuss your most vexing challenges – we can help you find solutions!

Mergers, Acquisitions, Strategic Partnerships and Affiliations

In today’s volatile business climate, the least functional stance to take is that of protecting the status quo. Believing that what has worked in the past will continue to lead to optimal success in the future disregards the reality of the world we live and do business in. Savvy organizations will continually assess how they might align with others in order to thrive.

Some of the organizations we have worked with are seeking to establish synergistic partnerships with a complementary organization that would extend their reach.  Others have come to the realization that the future of their organization required them to become part of a larger, stronger group, or to enfold other organizations into theirs via mergers or acquisitions. Still others are looking to affiliate with an organization which provides different services or serve different geographic areas than they do, though mutually rewarding business agreements.  Innovaision, LLC  brings experience in all of these areas to your organization, and can help you evaluate opportunities to interact with other business entities to expand upon past success, reach more people, and be more effective. Call us!


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