Avatar Assisted Therapy

Without a doubt, Avatar Assisted Therapy is our most innovative platform to date. Utilizing both the principles and tools of digital game development, Innovaision, LLC is able to create secure online 3D virtual world environments in which multiple users meet in a realistic, “immersive” space using commonly available web browsers or downloadable viewers.

The immersive experience that makes online gaming so compelling to millions of users is adapted to turn an entertaining tool for play into a platform for serious purpose.

Your target audience can meet with you in real time, in a “high-presence” digital environment, no matter where they are around the globe. Current users are providing individual and group counseling, staff training, client education, aftercare, 12-step and other support groups, alumni and socialization activities using our system. You can even conduct long-distance job interviews, saving lots of time and travel cost.

The Avatar Assisted Therapy tool is perfect for maintaining meaningful contact with people who are challenged by distance, inadequate transportation, regular or intermittent need to travel for work or leisure, inclement weather, physical limitations, concerns about public stigma—nearly all of the access challenges you can experience are resolved using our virtual solution.

Clients praise this tool, not only for its cost-saving and convenience features, but also for the extra layer of comfort and additional anonymity it can provide. Plus, it is actually a fun way to connect and engage with others, even for serious interactions. In 2013, Avatar Assisted Therapy won recognition in the Lockheed-Martin Innovate the Future Challenge Award Competition.

Innovaision can provide pre-configured environments, based on example virtual spaces we have constructed, or we can custom build a project to look as true-to-life, or as imaginative as you want.

Contact us to find out how Avatar Assisted Therapy can help you reach a larger audience, retain your current clients, reduce stigma, and provide efficient and effective care.

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