About our Company

Innovaision, LLC was formed in 2011 to provide dynamic consulting services to businesses and organizations who recognize that the future belongs to those committed to bringing Innovation and Vision to their work.

Our many years of experience in creating new strategies, imagining and implementing bold projects, embracing and utilizing new technology, and seeking and winning ongoing funding for innovative endeavors can be harnessed to help your business grow and thrive. If you are ready for Innovaision, contact us today!

Who is Innovaision?

Dick Dillon has over 30 years experience in organization management, working with both for profit and nonprofit behavioral health organizations. From his early role as founder of the Cox CARE Center, to his co-creation of the Web of Addictions (one of the very first websites to provide accurate information about addiction), to his creation of Avatar Assisted Therapy, Dick has continuously maintained a forward focus by creating, identifying, and implementing new strategies to strengthen organizations and improve the quality of services they deliver.

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